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Join us MAY 18, 2021 at 6:30pm

ZOOM ID: 884 9547 9441


Housing Justice Talks

These talks are community meetings where we set out to discuss issues about housing in our region.

Residents in Broome County face a ton of obstacles when they strive to find home. Many of the homes for rent and sale - are unsafe, unaffordable, and inaccessible.  As we build out our CLT - we need these stories to shape everything we don't want continued and everything we want created

These conversations can help us all figure out how a CLT in our backyard can be a large part of the long-term solution to housing injustice in Broome County. 

The people in our community are powerful, and - as we gather more, share more, and remind ourselves more often that we are not alone - we can become unstoppable!