what's a CLT?

A community land trust is one way to keep housing affordable for local communities. There are various ways to do it, usually, however, the CLT will buy and continue to own the land while community members buy the home while leasing the land (life-long leases). The homeowners, if they want to sell the home, agree to sell it at an affordable rate for the next family. 

The community land trust movement, is rooted in the civil rights movement, and celebrated its grand 50th anniversary in 2019. There are more than 230 CLTs across the country putting land and housing under community control. 

Grounded Solutions Network (GSN) is the national nonprofit organization that supports the national CLT movement and other strategies to expand affordable housing for all.

Want to learn more about CLTs? Head on over to GSN's site to learn more.


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There is a mix of veteran and new CLTs right here in NY, from Buffalo to Long Island.
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CLT resources

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